What is Medicinal Canabis

Medicinal cannabis is a term that refers to legal, high-quality, and standardized products prepared under controlled pharmaceutical laboratory conditions from crude or raw cannabis. Crude cannabis is a difficult drug for doctors to prescribe because the dose and potency of the drug in each case are not tested or known. Pharmaceutical preparations of cannabis use modified active components of cannabis in medical formulations, which maximize the therapeutic benefit and minimize side effects. Pharmaceutical preparations, such as a tincture, external application oil, gel, tablet, capsule, or spray, mean the dose and strength of the product can be controlled and standardized.

Can I drive if I am using cannabis?

Any product that contains cannabis can impair attention and concentration, which affects a person’s fitness to drive and operate machinery. Studies have shown a significant proportion of drivers involved in road crashes test positive for cannabis. It is recommended people using medicinal cannabis as oral intake do not drive. Patients are advised to discuss this with their doctor.

Is it safe for a breastfeeding person to use Cannabis?

Breastfeeding persons are encouraged to avoid using Cannabis. The health effects of a breastfeeding person’s use of Cannabis on her infant are not yet fully known, and the available data are limited and conflicting. However, we know that chemicals from Cannabis can be passed to a baby through breast milk. In addition, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is stored in body fat and is slowly released over time, meaning that a baby could still be exposed even after a breastfeeding person stops using Cannabis.